Kosher hotel in prague

The Hotel King David

Situated right in the heart of Prague, the Hotel King David sits among ancient sites, beautiful structures with great architecture, and shopping areas. This hotel has a five-star rating and is strictly kosher. There is an open invitation for you to come in and explore the luxury that this kosher hotel in Prague has to offer. The excellent service is worth the experience as it pays attention to very small details. The hotel King David lies very near to the republic square and also the Wenceslas Square. Its strategic location makes it a perfect place from which to access the train stations for public transport which are the central station and also the Masaryk train station. It only requires a few minutes to access the Jewish Quarter, the Shopping Centre, and other sites.

מלון פראג

The services

At the Hotel King David, a wide range of services is offered to give guests maximum comfort and a wonderful experience. These services include –

  • High-speed free Wi-Fi
  • Lots of kosher dishes
  • Exquisite suites and spacious rooms
  • Room service delivery
  • Babysitting for children
  • Amazing swimming pool
  • 247 front desk service
  • Storage for all your valuables
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Laundry & dry cleaning services
  • Flat-screen televisions in all rooms


At the Hotel King David, there are 5 room types and they come in different sizes and different choices of amenities. The five room types are Guest, Standard, Deluxe, Boutique, and Junior Suites (which have a Jacuzzi mostly for families that are large.

The rooms are very large and have air conditioners. In each room, you will find a flat-screen television that is wide, free internet access, an espresso machine, luxury bathrooms, a mini-bar and also a safe. You may decide to go with separate but there is also an option for king-size beds.

Special Services for Tourists

In order to ensure that religious tourists enjoy the best of comfort and have the best experience, the Hotel King David is designed to cater to the religious needs of tourists. The meat restaurant is kosher as well as the dairy café. Religious tourists can also choose between a king-size bed and beds that can be separated. There is also a synagogue that is open 247 and also a Beit Midrash in order to enhance your comfort. There is also a mikveh for women and also a mikveh for men 247 hours every day.

In the whole of Prague, King David’s kashrut is of the highest level and is supervised every day. Its kosher restaurant is always open both on Shabbat and fantastic dishes are served. There are also dairy products being sold at the lobby bar.

Tourist attractions

There are great places and locations that you can visit. In the New Town, you will find the Republic Square which has historical buildings like the national museum and also the municipality house. You can also easily access the Jewish Quarter which has a Jewish museum, the Altneuschul, the Jewish cemetery, and lots more.

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