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We can no longer be satisfied with "mouth-to-ear" that only benefits those already known for reasons that are not always deserved. We must challenge ourselves, position ourselves in the legal market, reflect on our image, be honest about the exact extent of our (in) jurisdiction. To advertise, to make oneself known, to inform the public, it is not to show vulgarity, nor to steal the client or the file of the confrere, but to answer the expectation of the justiciables without which we would not even exist! This requires us to identify the legal needs that are not being met. Advertising is listening to one's own customers. It is humbling and serving people by offering them new services that can meet their expectations.

The litigant has the right to have the information that will allow him to choose a lawyer capable of providing him with the legal services he needs. However, without advertising, it is impossible to find otherwise than by chance the "good" lawyer while there is a multitude of brilliant colleagues who could provide useful help, but are not sufficiently known. And it is not the phone book (or the boyfriend of the neighbor's son) that will guide him to the lawyer who is best suited to carry out his business!

If we want to move forward, we have to convince ourselves that the lawyer who advertises is not an unworthy delinquent to practice our profession unless we consider that Canadian, American, Dutch, Danish lawyers are -confreres "who have not understood how superior and intelligent we are, far more than those vulgar tradesmen we would like to count among our customers. This does not mean that you have to do anything because it is true that we are not washing powder. It seems clear to me that the means used to make our services accessible to the public can not derogate from the principles of probity, dignity and delicacy that remain the pillars of the profession. We can not create false hopes or unrealistic expectations, as this would result in increased mistrust of lawyers. The means used can not affect the quality of our services or be in bad taste because they would damage the reputation of the entire profession. Meanwhile, there is no shame in wanting to develop his practice, even to ensure his comfort and that of his family. We also work to make a living, like the carpet merchants who deserve a deep respect. even to ensure his comfort and that of his family. We also work to make a living, like the carpet merchants who deserve a deep respect. even to ensure his comfort and that of his family. We also work to make a living, like the carpet merchants who deserve a deep respect.

You will understand that I totally share his point of view which, almost three years later, is still relevant.

Indeed, as I indicated already in the article of the blog on the specialization of the lawyer , apart from the lawyers having a mention of specialization (about one in seven at the Bar of Seine-Saint-Denis), it happens to us to not even know between us which area of ​​activity each practice, which is a shame!

It is in response to such obviousness that it is imperative that advertising be allowed to the lawyer, a position that is also supported by the majority of litigants themselves, according to various polls.

Despite this, several Orders, whose decisions were subsequently upheld on appeal, sentenced some of their lawyers, considered a little too enterprising, for publishing an insert in the Yellow Pages directory on the grounds that "the publication of a insert in the directory of Yellow Pages, paper, Minitel or Internet, is contrary to the rules governing the essential principles of the profession of lawyer (see on the Legalis website for example the brief here and the decision there ).

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